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How Far Can a Laser Pointer Take You?

A common question from learners is “How far is a laser-pointer’s range?”. A 1W blue laser can easily cover up to 450 miles , and is useful for presentations. The beam can be aimed in many directions, including towards moving vehicles. However, a laser with a high power can extend its beam to the point […]

Thor H Series Laser Pointer

The THOR H Series is a top-quality, low-cost laser pointer. There are two variations of the pointers: the H and the M. Both feature identical output power however, they differ slightly in dimensions and flashing modes. These lasers also require batteries, which aren’t included in the price. The green, red and blue lasers are powered […]

How To Cool Your Laser Pen

Laser pens look cool, but they have their drawbacks. They can cause serious eye injuries. There is no treatment medically appropriate to treat these damages. They can also cause severe skin burns. They can also be very hazardous for youngsters. This is the reason they are not recommended for children who are under 16 years […]

Um ponteiro laser para gatostem inúmeras vantagens

UMAgato a laser pode ser um ótimo caminho para o seu amigo felino paraobter estimulação mental. Esses dispositivos com baixa potência podem imitar a velocidade de presa. esteamável de estimulaçãonão é assim atraente para cães que rapidamentecansar de correr atrás aponteiro depois alguns minutos. Lasers para gatos, por outro lado é capaz de desencadear sentimentos […]