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How Far Can a Laser Pointer Take You?

A common question from learners is “How far is a laser-pointer’s range?”. A 1W blue laser can easily cover up to 450 miles , and is useful for presentations. The beam can be aimed in many directions, including towards moving vehicles. However, a laser with a high power can extend its beam to the point […]

Cat Laser Pointer: Benefits

A laser cat pointer can be a fantastic way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. It can help your cat fulfill its instinctual desire to hunt with the laser pointer as a way to hunt and play. Additionally, a laser pointer can also be an excellent method to encourage your cat’s natural […]

How to Make Your Laser Pen Cool

Although laser pens can look cool, they have a few drawbacks. They could cause serious eye injuries. There is no medical treatment for these injuries. They may also cause severe burns to the skin. Additionally, they could be extremely dangerous for children. They are not advised for youngsters under 16. But, if you’re thinking of […]