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With over 200 million monthly gamers, Roblox is one of the largest children’s game platforms on the Internet. After Roblox was particularly popular in the US, the game is now used by many children in Germany. For parents looking to get their bearings on Roblox, here are the highlights at a glance.

After a simple registration with Roblox (only a username and password is required), you can choose between two variants of the game. Either you build your own games in “Roblox Studio” or you use games created by other users. In the game, we can use .

Graphically, the entire Roblox universe is fairly simple. The characters are similar in design to Lego figures. However, creating games with Roblox Studio is complex and takes time to train. Completed games are relatively easy to play as they generally use well-known rules of the game. According to Roblox, users can now choose from over 50 million games. We use a special currency in the game, you can also use robux free generator.

In 2020, the platform had 150 million monthly active users, and the crown pandemic in particular helped boost that number enormously. The audience is quite young, which is why the sandbox is always the subject of media education. Praises the platform for its diverse creative possibilities, but recommends the use of accompanying services, especially for children. It is worth using % link% to get in-game currency.

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